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"Little is known about the London gunmaker Richard Fenton, but it is agreed he made particularly good flintlock firearms in a distinctive style that is easily recognisable. Those of us who have handled weapons made by him are impressed by the quality of workmanship and pleasing design, and want to know more about the man who made them." James Jackson.

New book - 'Richard Fenton Gunmaker 1784-1815' by James Jackson. Limited edition of 200 numbered copies published by the author, in B5 format (26cm x 19.5cm) with 164 pages with colour photographs on high quality gloss paper. £36.00 to include postage and packing UK only (additional for overseas postage). 
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The first chapters are devoted to Richard Fenton’s background and his start in gunmaking, his years in London and his involvement in 'Radical' politics. Others cover his elder son John Fenton, who followed his father into gunmaking, and the younger son James Fenton, who emigrated to Australia.

The second part of the book consists of appendices illustrating and discussing 11 guns (or pairs) by Richard, another 11 by John, and one in which both might have had a hand. They include rifles, single- and double-barrel fowling pieces, duelling pistols, travelling and pocket pistols, and a pistol carbine.

From 1958 to 2002 the author held the prestigious post of Queen’s Armourer to Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, conserving all the weapons in her residences.

Richard Fenton - Gunmaker