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Firearms, Long Range Target Shooting & Associated History

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Long range target rifle development. Gunmaker histories and rifles. Ammunition, including contemporary loading comment and experiments. Rifle and shooting accessories.


Contemporary information and historical articles. Long range rifle fire. Rifle Associations and Clubs. Wimbledon, Dollymount, Creedmoor and the international matches.


Queen's prize winners were hailed as hero's. Thousands of spectators witnessed the long range international matches. Who were these riflemen that attracted such public attention....?

Rifle Volunteers

Rifle Volunteer Corps were established in Great Britain in 1859. This movement continued to 1908 when the Territorial Force was created from the Yeomanry and Volunteer Forces.

Target Shooting

Target shooting with the black powder rifle today. Muzzle loading and breech loading, sporting and military. Accessories, ammunition, gunsmithing, rifles, techniques and tips.

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ResearchPressUK RT @LRMLorg: Long range target shooting with the muzzle loading percussion rifle
ResearchPressUK RT @LRMLorg: @ResearchPressUK has a growing collection of articles on #longrange #rifle fire and associated history
ResearchPressUK @EdStern Ask NRA about recording Imperial Historic Arms meeting in July. Good variety of arms - muzzle and breechloading - Napoleonic to WW2
ResearchPressUK @EdStern Not back for a few weeks but into competition season now and others may not appreciate distraction. May need permission from NRA
ResearchPressUK HBSA “1910” Open Short Range #Rifle Meeting, #Bisley, Sunday, 26 June 2016 #classicarms #targetshooting @NRAofUK
ResearchPressUK RT @LongRangeRifles: Asquith Cup results available. #MuzzleLoading #Enfield #Rifle at 600 and 800 yards. #BlackPowder
ResearchPressUK Century Range #Bisley looking good in spring sunshine. Nice day for #muzzleloading #targetshooting @mlagb @NRAofUK
ResearchPressUK Pleasant morning #shooting Gibbs-Metford #matchrifle at #Bisley; Century Range 500yd #muzzleloading #lrml @NRAofUK
  • Different day different rifle. Muzzle loading Enfield rifle made in 1866. Shooting at Bisley at 300 yards. Strong wind but nice fresh spring day.

  • Pleasant morning shooting with a Gibbs-Metford match rifle at Bisley; Century Range, 500 yards - this afternoon move back to 600 yards.

  • The Woe’s of Corporal Peake ~ Whitworth Cartridges, the Queen’s Prize lost and Putney under fire!

    Research Press was established in 1998 with a primary focus on publishing texts on firearms, long range target shooting and associated history. Press was established in 1998 with a primary focus on publishing texts on firearms, long range target shooting and associated history.

  • Did the muzzle loading Enfield rifle come close to being replaced by Lancaster's oval bore rifle in 1863?

  • American riflemen using their breech loading rifles in long range competition beat Ireland at Creedmoor (USA) in 1874 and again at Dollymount (Ireland) in 1875. In the Centennial Match of 1876 at Creedmoor they were again successful beating teams from Australia, Canada, Ireland and Scotland. A Great Britain team was also beaten at Creedmoor in 1877. Despite this British riflemen were slow to adopt the breech loader for match rifle shooting.