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Long range target rifles and accessories. British military firearms. Ammunition information includes contemporary loading comments of interest to today's long range rifleman.


Contemporary information. Long range rifle fire. Wimbledon, Dollymount, Creedmoor and the international matches. 19th Century riflemen. Military marksmanship.

Target Shooting

Shooting the long range black powder rifle today. Muzzle loading and breech loading. Accessories, ammunition, gunsmithing, rifles, techniques and tips. MLAIC Championships.

Research Vault

The sister-site of Research Press, publishing personal papers collections relating to firearms history and marksmanship, plus material on Volunteer Infantry and the First World War.

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Research Press is pleased to support those studying aspects of firearms or associated history. Web space to seek assistance, publish news and progress updates can be provided if you have a research project with a view to publishing the results.
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  • #OnThisDay in 1803 (21 December) Joseph Whitworth was born at Stockport. Whitworth was to become the foremost manufacturer of machine tools of his time, and amongst shooters his hexagonally bored rifle is widely known. Queen Victoria opened the inaugural rifle meeting of the National Rifle Association (NRA) on Wimbledon Common by pulling a silken cord to fire a Whitworth rifle. The bullet hit the target 400 yards away within 1.25 inches of the centre. The rifle was renowned for its accuracy and not only used by marksman on the rifle ranges but also saw use by sharpshooters during the American Civil War. The Research Vault web site has several contemporary articles by or about Joseph Whitworth, his life and his famous rifle.

    Biographic material relating to Sir Joseph Whitworth (1803-1887) material relating to Sir Joseph Whitworth (1803-1887)

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  • Pleased with the addition to my collection of papers, booklets, etc relating to Sir Joseph Whitworth. Derbyshire Miscellany Supplement No. 12, 1984 (by Derbyshire Archaelogical Society) is a 20 page pamphlet on "The Life of Sir Joseph Whitworth"

  • Threat of closure for Imperial War Museum library. Somewhat glad I only left them wth photocopies of my grandfathers First World War papers over 25 years ago.

  • "A man must, indeed, be a star of the highest order who, with the Enfield rifle, at open meetings, can make a purse" - anonymous author (1866)