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Firearms, Long Range Target Shooting & Associated History

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British military firearms. Gunmaker histories. Long range target rifles. Ammunition (with contemporary loading comments of interest to today's long range rifleman). Accessories.


Contemporary information. Long range rifle fire. Wimbledon, Dollymount, Creedmoor and the international matches. 19th Century riflemen. Military marksmanship.

Target Shooting

Shooting the long range black powder rifle today. Muzzle loading and breech loading, sporting and military. Accessories, ammunition, gunsmithing, rifles, techniques and tips. News & Events.

Research Vault

The sister-site of Research Press, publishing personal papers collections relating to firearms history and marksmanship, plus material on Volunteer Infantry (1859-1908).

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ResearchPressUK #Historic #ServiceRifle Match #Bisley, Sat. 4 April. Course of Fire based on military practice. #rifle @NRAofUK
ResearchPressUK John #Harvey #gunmaker established his #Exeter business c1790. His son was set up in business in #Plymouth c1830
ResearchPressUK RT @NRAMuseums: #gunoftheday – British Short Model Lee Enfield (SMLE Rifle). See more of our collection here: http:/…
ResearchPressUK The #percussion #military #muzzleloading #rifle has enthusiasts worldwide. UK competitions are fired out to 800yds
ResearchPressUK #Enfield #Rifle British Service Rifles & Carbines introduced during 1850’s-1860’s #muzzleloading #blackpowder
ResearchPressUK RT @NRAMuseums: #gunoftheday – Sharps “Big 50” Rifle. Discover more about this buffalo hunting GOTD:
ResearchPressUK Illustrated history the #Brunswick #rifle. Two-groove rifling & belted-ball. #muzzleloading