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Creedmoor 1874 - 2024Recreating History, Creedmoor - 2024

Oak Ridge, TN

March 25-26, 2022

The is the 34 Long Range Match run by Rick Weber, and now focused on the Creedmoor Match of 1874, aka: Creedmoor 150, year 3. The matches will be hosted in the same manner in as hosted previously (some slight adjustments may occur year-after-year). Everyone will run in a 4 man squad rotation. ML will be pair firing for the 1 hour relay and the BL will be paired as well, but each of them will only get 30 min by themselves - totaling the 1 hour relay. Then, rotate the same as has been done for years.

This year (2022), again, shooting will be 300 & 1000 on Friday - supported and 600 & 1000 on Saturday- unsupported. Relay times will be 1hr at each distance, these relay times may vary (extended) depending on participation and weather. Sighters and 10 consecutive scored shots at each distance on Creedmoor square targets. (NRA Approved Match, as of now). Saturday (day2) only at 1000, no sighters - only 10 shots for score. See below for further notes, Match Rules and Registration. 

DownloadFormat and Notes, Match Rules and Registration

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