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The Story of Creedmoor: The Irish ~ American Rifle Match of 1874 The Story of Creedmoor: The Irish ~ American Rifle Match of 1874 HOT

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In 1873 riflemen of Ireland challenged the riflemen of America to a long range rifle championship. The challenge was taken up by the Amateur Rifle Club of New York, and the match took place in Sept 1874 at Creedmoor. The Irish Team used their Rigby muzzle loading match rifles. The American Team used Remington Rolling Block and Sharps match rifles, both newly introduced versions in response to the conditions of the match regarding rifle weight and trigger-pull. In 2002 Research Press published a booklet on the history of this rifle match. The story has been revised and expanded and it is now available in paperback or Kindle versions via Amazon. - - - - - -

After over 20 years of hosting long range muzzle loading matches, Rick Weber has been given approval from the Oak Ridge Sportsmen's Association, TN, BoD to host a historical recreation of the original Creedmoor match of 1874 through to 2024. The NMLRA BoD have agreed to assist with sponsoring the match with awards. Initial / preparatory matches are being held in the lead up to the 150th Anniversary in 2024. Keep up-to-date via the Creedmoor 150 (1874 - 2024) facebook group.

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