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Events featured include muzzle and breech loading black powder rifle target shooting at distances of 200 yards and beyond.


31st Challenge Europeen Des Carabiniers De Souppes Sur Loing

The above match will be held 20-22 April 2019 and the event comprises prone shooting at 100, 200 and 300 metres with black powder rifles. There are four events:

  • Burton
military muzzle-loader
  • Snider
military breech-loader
  • Turner
sporting muzzle-loader
  • Bodine
sporting breech loader

Prizes are awarded to the first five of each event and there are also aggregate prizes for Military Rifle and Sporting Rifle.

Download: Details (English) / Details (French) and Entry Form

Spring 2019, Oak Ridge, TN

Creedmoor 1874 - 2024Recreating History, Creedmoor Match 2024

Oak Ridge, TN starts now!

Past NRA President Pete Brownell spoke at the 2017 Competitive Shooting Meeting and expressed his thoughts of growth in shooting sports by giving opportunities for people to ‘Pull the Trigger’. I totally agree as there is so much more to shooting than the shooting itself. 

After over 20 years of hosting LRML matches, I’m going to expand to allow more people to ‘pull the trigger’.  I have been given approval from the Oak Ridge (ORSA) BOD to host a Historical recreation of the original Creedmoor Match in 2024.  The NMLRA BOD have agreed to assist with sponsoring the match.  22-23 March 2019 will be the 1st year of this 5 year quest for LR-ML and LR-BL to prepare at Oak Ridge for the Historical 150th Anniversary of the Creedmoor Match of 1874. Yes, it will be Muzzle Loaders vs Breech Loaders.

I will be hosting these matches in the same manner in which I have hosted previously (some slight adjustments may occur year-after-year as we learn), the only difference - there will be more shooters that include both ML and BP Breech Loaders. I believe I can run both simultaneously and separate on the same line at the same time. My current thinking is everyone will run in our traditional 4 man squad rotation. ML will be pair firing for the 1 hour relay. The BL will be paired as well, but each of them will only get 30 min by themselves - totaling the 1 hour relay. Then, well rotate the same as we’ve done for years.  

Read more: Spring 2019, Oak Ridge, TN

Research Press Journal – Issue 4, Autumn 2018

Research Press Journal

Research Press Journal – Issue 4, Autumn 2018. Free download pdf magazine (40 pages)

  • Priming
    • News, Events, People & Places
    • Metford Trophy
    • The Hepsworth Medal
  • The Woe's of Corporal Peake
  • Firearms History
    • Firearm Manufacture
    • Barrel-Making
    • The Proof Test
    • Machine-Made Interchangeable Rifles
  • Old English and Modern Foreign Rifles (1886)
  • Powder Charge Experiments, 1875
  • Whitworth Hexagonal Bullets
  • A Martini-Henry Score Register
  • The Literature of the Volunteers of 1859
    • The Volunteers Take Shape

Link: Research Press Journal

2019 USIMLT Nationals

The United States International Muzzle Loading shooters hold their Nationals once a year, and are proud to be associated with the Arizona Western Independent Shoot.  The USIMLT Nationals will be held 2-4 March 2019 at the Ben Avery Shooting Facility in Phoenix, Arizona.  There is a new competition class in 2019 - Bench Shooting, for those who can no longer get up and down like they used to, but still want to compete. We welcome everyone. Shooting is at 300, 500, 600, 900 and 1000 yards.

Invitation with course of fire and timings, and registration form can be downloaded from the USIMLT web site:

The Arizona Western Independent National Shoot is 26 February - 3 March 2019.  Check their website for details of events.

Immediately following the USIMLT match, on 5-8 March 2019 . Arizona Muzzle Loading Association are hosting a 1000 yard Championship at Ben Avery Shooting Facility. There are classes for Black Powder Cartridge Rifle (iron and scope sights), Vintage Sniper Rifle and Black Powder Muzzle Loading Rifle.


 Ed Decker, Captain, USIMT Long Range Team

Black Powder Rifle, 1000yd Match – Harris, MN

Gopher Rifle & Revolver Club, Harris, MN, is sponsoring a 2018 State Championship Match. August 17, 18 & 19; Friday August 17 is setup in the morning and practice after setup is accomplished. August 18 & 19; Saturday & Sunday will feature two 1000 yard relays each day.

Each relay;

  • 15 shots for score, with unlimited sighters, but no conversion of sighters.
  • 90 minutes is allotted for a two person team to complete their shots for record.
  • Teams will alternate shooting and pulling targets [two in the pits & two shooting on each target].


  • Medals will be given for the top three places in both the Cartridge Rifle and Muzzle Loader matches.
  • Cash prizes will also be given for the top three places in both BPCR & MLR.

Camping is available at the GRRC range.
Lunch will be provided on Saturday for all shooters and match workers.

Range location can be found on the club website

For more info contact:
Dave Newell 651-653-0490 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Scottish Historical Rifle Meeting 2018

The Scottish Historical Rifle Meeting will be held at Castlelaw Range, Edinburgh on Sunday 26 August 2018.

The free event has twenty eight matches for many classes of rifle, including muzzle loaders through to pre-1945 historic target and service rifles. All the matches are fired from 200m.

For more information and contact details, download the Event Flyer.

Research Press Journal – Issue 3, Summer 2018

Research Press Journal

Research Press Journal – Issue 3, Summer 2018. Free download pdf magazine (40 pages)

  • Calendar of Events
  • Priming
    • News, Events, People & Places
    • Long Range Rifles (MLAGB Branch)
  • Loading Ammunition (in the 19th Century)
  • American Rifle Team, Creedmoor 1882
  • Firearms History
    • Improvements in the Rifle
    • Breech-Loading
    • Selection of the Service Weapon
    • The Snider and Martini-Henry
  • Military Match Rifles & Their Sights: Kerr and Turner
  • Arming Georgia
  • The Literature of the Volunteers of 1859
    • The Urge to Volunteer, 1850 to 1859

Link: Research Press Journal

Research Press Journal – Issue 2, Spring 2018

Research Press JournalResearch Press Journal – Issue 2, Spring 2018. New free download pdf magazine (40 pages)

  • Reports
    • USIMLT Nationals - 2018
    • 1000 yard World Championship Match - 2018
    • Oak Ridge LRML Match - 2018
  • Firearms Research Support
  • Rigby, Quicksilver & Bullet Alloys
  • Early Firearms History
  • The Muzzle Loading Match Rifle in Great Britain
  • Arming Georgia - "The Windsor Enfields Affair and Other Incidents"
  • The Pattern 1841 Carbine
  • Enfield Rifle Research
  • The British Volunteer System

Link: Research Press Journal

John Townson and His Pistol

John TownsonNew addition to the Research Press library reference documents for free download. "The small flintlock pocket pistol that features in this article was once part of the collection of the late John Cooper, an authority on 17th century English pistols. The pistol is a magnificent example of the quintessentially English pistols that were produced during the middle decades of the 17th century and of which very few have survived. It was made by John Townson of London during the 1660s, a period when London was embroiled in a succession of the most dramatic and life changing events." Brian Godwin

See: John Townson and His Pistol

2018 NMLRA Hepsworth Long Range Match

The 2018 National Muzzle Loading Rifle Association (NMLRA) Hepsworth Long Range Black Powder Target Rifle Match will be held at Camp Atterbury, IN., on 6-7 October 2018.

Shooting is at 1000, 1100 and 1200 yards. Permitted rifles: Any safe original or reproduction traditional muzzle loading style of firearms fired from the shoulder in the mid - late 1800’s era of International Rifle Matches or breech loading single shot rifle chambered in an original black powder cartridge.

Pre-Registration is Required!

Download: Match Details