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Cheshire Yeomanry

The Cheshire, Denbighshire and Shropshire Yeomanry constituted the Welsh Border Mounted Brigade. In September the Brigade was posted to Norwich to join the 1st Mounted Division, the division being formed in August for the purpose of home defence.

The period September 1914 to March 1916 was spent in eastern England on the Norfolk Coast. During this time the sector of coastline allotted to Cheshire Yeomanry had some ineffective bombardment from the Imperial German Navy, whilst undertaking a mine laying    operation, and experienced aerial bombardment from Zeppelin airships.

In November 1915 the Regiment received their orders to go abroad dismounted. All cavalry equipment had to be handed in and changed for infantry. The November orders were subsequently cancelled but the men continued with dismounted training including route marches, bayonet exercises, bomb throwing and rifle shooting. Finally, in February 1916 orders were again received that the Regiment were to go abroad.

On 3 March Cheshire Yeomanry sailed from Devonport, arriving at Alexandria, Egypt, on 14 March. The Regiment then comprised of 25 officers and 451 men.

Cheshire Yeomanry Roll of Honour

The memorial to the Officers, NCOs and Men of the Cheshire Yeomanry who gave their lives in the Great War is in the north transept of Chester Cathederal, Cheshire. It was unveiled on 22 March 1922. The memorial was designed by Theodore Fyfe, FRIBA, of Grays Inn Square, London, and cost £760. The original design sketch was prepared in February 1921.

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Well Ordered Bustle and Activity

On the 4th August 1914 the United Kingdom declared war with Germany and the next day the Territorial Army was mobilised. Cheshire Yeomanry mobilisation took place at its pre-war training centres and they subsequently assembled at camp near Eccleston, south of Chester. Here they were joined by the remainder of the Welsh Border Mounted Brigade, except for the Shropshire Yeomanry. In September 1914 the Welsh Border Mounted Brigade moved to Norfolk to join the 1st Mounted Division, the division being formed in August for the purpose of home defence.

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